How many Muslims are in the US?

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Due to media saturation and the circulation of grossly-exaggerated viral videos, many people believe muslim populations to be much higher than they truly are.

According to various sources (CIA World Factbook, United States Census Bureau), the population of the United States of America stands somewhere between 318 to 320 million people, making the US the third most populous country in the world (after China and India). Of this population, about 0.6% to 0.8% identify as Muslim. According to US Government Census records, in 2001 there were 1,104,000 ‘self-described’ adult Muslims, and in 2008, the population stood at 1,349,000. In it’s report Mapping the Global Muslim Population, the Pew Research Center said there was an estimated Muslim population of 2,454,000 in the US in 2009 or about 0.8% of the total US population.

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