Do all Muslims support ISIS?

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No, all Muslims do not support ISIS. Over 100 prominent Islamic scholars denounced Da’ish’s tactics and goals, saying that many of their points go against the Quran.

The Arab League denounced ISIS, saying that they will work together with other Arab countries to fight ISIS. The Arab League was formed in 1945 and consists of 22 Arab nations who strive for better cooperation and work between its members.

A prominent Iranian religious leader, Ayatollah Mohammed Emami Kashani, also denounced ISIS, claiming that it promotes “an ugly picture of Islam” and was created by Western states to do so.

The world’s most prestigious leader of Sunni Islam, Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb, said that ISIS members are enemies of Allah and deserve death.

In addition to these leaders, the Iraqi Sunni religious leader, Sheik Mahdi al-Sumaidaie, the Pakistani Sunni religious leader Munir Ahmed, and al-Qaeda mentor Abu Mohammed al-Maqdesi all denounce ISIS for its extreme violence and radical Islam.

Thus, it is safe to say that not all Muslims support ISIS.


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